Baby Clothes + Cloth Diapers

This is such a common question from new cloth diapering parents: What clothes work best with cloth diapers? It’s true—cloth diapers are bulkier than disposables and can look silly with some clothing. Sometimes it’s hard to get tight leggings over a cloth bum. I’ve tried a lot of different pants on my babies and for this monthly mini, I'm sharing some advice:

  • Size up. You can always cuff the pant legs and they will fit better all over if you go up a size. They’re easier to get on, too.

  • Try to find alternatives to leggings. I found sweatpants that worked really well. Knitted pants work well too! Anything less tight will fit better.

  • If you are going to choose leggings, the stretchier the better!

  • Some styles just tend to work better. Find pants that are wider in the hips and top of the legs and then get narrower towards the bottom. They have a lot more room to fit a cloth bum.

I’ve been cloth diapering for three years now and have tried many brands of clothing for my girls. Three years later and I finally have found a brand that, in my opinion, works best with cloth diapers.

Dudis Designs has handmade leggings in adorable prints and solids, are super soft, and are very stretchy. They go on and over the diaper very easily. They offer several different materials; I have yet to try one that didn't work well with cloth diapers. There's a panel at the top that goes above the diaper area, which I think really helps keep the pants from falling below the diaper while baby crawls, walks, etc. Plus, I absolutely love supporting a small business and knowing that each pair is handmade by the owner of the company.

I ordered a pair of Dudis Design leggings to try out a few months ago and since then have bought many more. I have also been gifted a few pairs and have a promo code to help you save if you decide to try some too. Use code LARKIN10 for a 10% discount.

Oh, and by the way, if you are looking for summer options, their bummies are shorts that work great with cloth diapers too!

Order a pair of leggings and see for yourself! Then, let me know what you think! Every baby is different so I'm eager to see if these work well for everyone.

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