Comparing Lalabye Baby, Pannolino Bambino, and Bebeboo

There is such a large variety of All in Two (AI2) cloth diaper styles that the term can be confusing. To put it simply, AI2s generally have a polyurethane laminate (PUL) outer layer with either PUL or fabric inside and a snap to secure an insert. Though, to add to the confusion, there are some that have a layer of fabric that creates a pocket so the diaper can be used as an AI2 or pocket diaper. In this post, I’ll focus on these AI2/pocket style diapers. Here’s some pros and cons of this style:


  • Insert snaps in to keep it from moving out of place. Attaching an insert also makes it similar to disposables and easy to use.

  • Washing with inserts detached allows you to hang dry the outer shell (since PUL can be damaged in the dryer) and dry the inserts in your machine.

  • Customize absorbency by snapping in virtually any insert that has a snap on it. It doesn’t need to be the insert the diaper came with.


  • There’s an extra step while washing since you need to unsnap the insert.

  • After washing, you need to find inserts that go with each diaper brand and snap them in.

  • The shell cannot be reused if lined with fabric.

Now that you understand more about AI2 diapers, I’m going to compare a few different brands so that you can decide which is best for you. I’ll go into detail and at the end have some graphics with an overview.

Lalabye Baby One-Size Cloth Diaper

This single gusset diaper has a micro-suede interior that provides a stay dry layer when used as a pocket diaper. There is a snap in the front and back that allows you to secure the insert, either on top of the micro-suede or stuffed under it. The company claims this diaper can be used several times between washes if the inserts are snapped on top of the micro-suede, which I disagree with: Even with the micro-suede under the inserts, I have a hard time believing it won’t get damp. It won’t dry in between changes and really needs to be washed after each use.

The outside of the diaper features rainbow snaps that are meant to help with fit. I will note that fit is often not universal and doesn’t need to be symmetrical. I might tighten one side more than the other when baby is in between snap sizes.

Pannolino Bambino Simple Fit

This diaper also has a suede pocket interior and single gussets. It has one snap in the back to attach inserts, which, as opposed to snaps in back and front, makes it easier to unsnap after use. The front has a panel of PUL that allows you to tuck your insert in and prevent wicking out of the front. It also has elastic on the belly, which prevents gapping in the front.

You can purchase just the shell by itself or inserts with it. I love when companies offer this option because many people already have absorbency they prefer. For instance, I often stuff this diaper with a generic cotton prefold. I have so many of them and they work well for me. Still, I will say the insert choice this diaper has is great and very absorbent. If you choose to purchase it, it is a bamboo terry snap-in trifold.

Bebeboo Choice AI2

This diaper has an athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) lined interior and has single gussets. The AWJ tends to stain a lot less than suede, is more breathable, wicks moisture away from skin, and is easier to spray poop off of. Personally, after trying AWJ, I don’t understand why companies use any different material. While it may not work for everyone, I highly prefer this.

If you choose to use the pocket, it is a very loose pocket, which allows for easier stuffing and for the inserts to agitate out in the wash. I think it does slightly affect the look as the outside sometimes seems more baggy, but this doesn’t affect function.

These diapers come without inserts. For someone who already has many inserts, this is fine and I use my preferred method of absorbency. But if you are new to cloth diapering and need an insert that will snap on to this diaper, Bebeboo offers a bamboo long snake-style insert. You can snap this in and then fold it with more absorbency in the back, middle, or front depending on your needs. They call this diaper a “choice” AI2 because it really can be considered a pocket diaper, AI2, or cover.


I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of these options. If you like AI2 diapers, these will work well for you. If you have a baby with sensitive skin, this style will work especially well since all three of these have a stay-dry layer that can be used.

I hope this post helped to explain what AI2 diapers are and how vastly different they can be. Stay tuned for another AI2 comparison at a later date—this time for a completely different type of AI2 cloth diaper! Make sure you are subscribed so that you don’t miss out!

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