Diaper Comparison: Petite Crown, Rig N Gig, and Pannolino Bambino

A very common question that I see on cloth diaper pages: What is this brand similar to? Does this diaper compare to anything I may have tried? Trying a new diaper brand can be overwhelming, but I highly recommend doing it. It may seem easier to stick with the same brand that you started with, but you might miss out on a great option or feature. So how do you know which brands to try next? I recommend starting with one that has similarities to other brands you have tried. I’m going to compare 3 brands that have a lot in common and a few key differences.

Today I’m comparing Petite Crown swim diapers (used as every day diapers), Rig N Gig pocket diapers, and Pannolino Bambino Forever Fit AI2’s.

One thing these all have in common is the athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) interior. This material has gained popularity and I understand why. It’s comfortable against baby’s skin, helps keep them dry, and is so easy to clean. In terms of size, each of these brands are all very similar. When laid out they are about the same length and width.

Left to Right: Pannolino Bambino, Petite Crown, Rig N Gig

A quick side note: I‘m going to go over the different types of leg snaps. In the picture of the Petite Crown swim diaper below, the hip snap is what is pictured in red. The thigh snap is pictured in black. Where these are placed and how many there are depends on the diaper. Some people prefer an extra hip snap or extra thigh snap. For others it doesn’t make much of a difference. Each of these three brands has a different configuration of leg snaps that I will mention when comparing them.

Petite Crown Swim Diapers

Many people use these as regular every day pocket diapers, though they are the brand’s swim diapers. The interior is a pocket diaper with AWJ. Here are some key features:

  • One pocket opening in the back

  • Double hip snaps

  • Back elastics

Pros: Having elastic along the back is definitely a pro for me as it helps keep everything contained better. The pocket is also wide enough to easily stuff. I also personally like having the two waist snaps. The gorgeous prints also draw me to these diapers.

Cons: I wish it had tummy elastic because I tend to be able to get a better fit with it.

Rig N Gig Pocket Diaper

  • Two pocket openings in the front and back

  • Double hip and thigh snaps

  • Back elastics

Pros: With an opening in the front and back it is very easy to stuff the pocket. I also find I don’t have to unstuff the dirty diaper and the insert will usually come out in the wash on it’s own.

Cons: Once again, I wish it had tummy elastic in the front. I also don’t love having two waist and thigh snaps. I wish it was one or the other. Having 4 snaps on each side seems like overkill and takes a little more time to put on and get a good fit. This definitely depends on the baby as some people find having these extra options helps them get a better fit.

Pannolino Bambino Forever Fit AI2

  • One pocket opening in the back

  • Double thigh snaps

  • Back and tummy elastic

Pros: Tummy elastic! I can get the best fit with this and I swear it’s because of that front elastic.

Cons: For chunky babies with big legs, that extra thigh snap can be a problem and cause the legs to be too tight. You can keep the inner thigh snap undone to help with this problem.


All of these brands fit very similarly and fit my newborn and two year old well. So if you like one of these, I would recommend trying the others. If you haven’t tried any, grab one and give it a try! You can find these at Shop Pannolino Bambino and use code CDBLOG for a discount.

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