My 3 Tips to Improve Cloth Diaper Absorbency — Without Sacrificing a Trim Fit

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

So you find your favorite diaper. Maybe it's a newborn diaper at the beginning of your cloth journey or maybe it's a one size diaper that you think will fit forever. But what you don't see coming is when baby starts to out-pee the diaper and the absorbency just isn't working. All of this can happen far before fit becomes a problem.

Now, there are a few things you can do in this case. I'll let you know right now: what you don't have to do is go out and buy new diapers. Thank goodness, right? What you also don't have to do right away is sacrifice how trim the diaper is. Sure you could add a booster or two, but those are so bulky.

I'm here to give you three tips to extend the absorbency of your diapers. Trust me, you won't have to resort to over-stuffed fluff or new inserts yet.

1. Change how you are folding the insert. In the three images below you can see three different ways to fold your inserts. When you experience leaks, it's important to note where they are occurring. Is it just the front of the diaper that's soaked? Maybe around the legs in the center of the diaper? All of this will help you decide on the best way to fold the insert to help with absorbency in that area. Most inserts are long for a reason; you can fold them to be more absorbent in the back, middle, or front. This may seem obvious, but sometimes we get stuck in a habit of folding our inserts one specific way and it may be time to reevaluate how you are doing it.

2. Add an absorbent cloth wipe under your insert. You don't need to buy expensive boosters or additional inserts, at least not yet. Give this a try instead. Fold your cloth wipe in half so that it fits under your insert. This tiny amount of fabric might just

be enough to help with absorbency. It also helps take up a bit more space within the diaper, which can help with your fit.

My favorite cloth wipe to use in this way is the Pannolino Bambino bamboo/cotton velour wipes. I fold them in half to add 4 total layers of absorbency. These saved my Diaper Rite newborn AIOs when I thought my daughter wouldn't be able to use them anymore. Newborns pee a lot, and at just 1 month old they were already leaking.

Diaper Rite NB AIO with Pannolino Bambino cloth wipe

She still fit in them really well but I just couldn't take the leaks. I decided to throw in one of these wipes and BAM no more leaks!

3. Adjust your rise snaps. Seriously, it can be that simple. Even if baby is still fitting in the diaper, sometimes you are in between rise snaps. You can keep it as is or let out a rise (picture below shows the rise snaps all the way out). When I did this it made a huge difference. The fit ended up being better and I think it prevented leaks from the insert being compressed inside the diaper.

Try these three tips with newborns and I guarantee you'll get more use out of your newborn diapers. These tips can also apply to one size diapers. Sometimes for older kids you do need additional or new inserts, but sometimes it's as simple as making a few small changes to the diaper. Let me know if these tips work for you! And don't forget you can shop here or at Pannolino Bambino and use code CDBlog for a discount.

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