Play Mats - Comparing Designer Bums and Rig n Gig

Did you know several cloth diaper companies make their own play mats? It might seem like an odd accessory for these companies to produce, but these play mats are actually water resistant and use PUL (polyurethane laminate) on one side! These things are awesome for spills, baby spit up, naked time, etc. Most brands have a printed PUL on one side and soft fabric on the other. I have two different brands of play mats and in this post I'm comparing them. They are on two ends of the price spectrum: Designer Bums retails at $69.02USD and Rig n Gig is $29.99 (though on sale for $19.99 at the moment).

Designer Bums (bottom) and Rig N Gig (top)

Designer Bums


  • Large round size with about 51 inch circumference

  • Hand illustrated prints

  • Huge variety of print choices


  • High price

  • One side is black bamboo velour and shows my dog’s hair very easily

  • Doesn‘t fold up very small for on the go

Rig n Gig


  • Very affordable

  • Super soft and comfortable fabric makes this perfect as a blanket too

  • More absorbent if dealing with spills


  • Quite a bit smaller at 38in x 28in

  • Not many print options

Overall these are both great play mats and have many uses. My Designer Bums play mat fits in with my decor and is a “nice” corner of my living room that’s baby friendly. My Rig n Gig play mat is used for going outside and on the go since it’s so easy to pack; I don’t keep it in one spot in my house.

I highly recommend some sort of play mat, whatever the brand! We have gotten a ton of use out of these. What brands have you tried?

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