The Cloth Diaper Lovers' Guide to Baby Gifts

So you love cloth diapering. And you want to share it with the world. But not everyone is going to love if you buy them a stash of cloth diapers — especially if they have disposable diapers on their registry. I've come up with some ideas of ways you can use your love of cloth diapering while choosing gifts for mom and baby, whether the family is cloth diapering or not.

Many people choose to use cloth diapers to help save the environment; I know that is one of my biggest reasons. So while we're at it, let's not just come up with gift ideas, but also eco friendly ways to "wrap" these gifts too.

  • For those new parents who are planning to cloth diaper, a mini newborn stash (like the one pictured above) is a great gift. Since there are so many styles, include a few different ones for them to try. I did two covers (a newborn size and a one size) and two all in ones (a newborn size and a one size). To go with the covers, I got a few Cloth-eez prefolds in size newborn and several Cloth-eez Workhorse fitted diapers in size newborn. Pro tip: pick prints and solids that all look nice together. It's the perfect extra touch.

  • Wet bags make great gift bags and are much more eco conscious as they are reusable. You won't need to use tissue or wrapping paper and bag itself is a great gift! Use a mini wet bag inside the regular wet bag for an added surprise. Mini wet bags are the perfect size for bottle accessories, small toys, or pacifiers. And don't forget, wet bags are great gifts for anyone because they have so many uses besides cloth diapers. Seriously, so many uses. If you don't believe me, check out this Pannolino Bambino blog post for 50 uses!

  • NOELO wipe solution is a great gift for those who are planning to use cloth wipes. This stuff is amazing. I swear it cured my daughter's long-lasting diaper rash. What's even better is that you can use this even if you don't cloth diaper. It's great on a diaper rash or as a lotion on baby's sensitive skin. I've even heard of people using it as a make up remover for themselves.

Wet bag, swim suit, and swim diaper for the perfect gift

  • Diaper shell as a swim diaper makes for a really fun gift! My favorite for this is the Pannolino Bambino Forever Fit AI2. Without inserts snapped in, this is just a diaper cover with AWJ (athletic wicking jersey) inside. I find this material is so much more comfortable than PUL against baby’s bum. There’s elastic in the back and front to keep in poo while in the water. Pair this with a cute bathing suit and wet bag and it’s a great gift for a baby of any age. By the way, if you aren't familiar with swim diapers - they are very similar to a diaper cover or a pocket diaper but they have nothing absorbent inside of them. This means pee will come right out and not be absorbed but poo will be contained. If you use inserts or any absorbable fabric, baby will be weighed down by it. This is essentially the same as a disposable swim diaper.

Pannolino Bambino Forever Fit AI2 -

  • Cloth breast pads are great to give new moms before baby comes. If mom plans to breastfeed, these are a must. You can use disposable (probably uncomfortable) ones or you can use reusable cloth ones that are easy to wash. The back side is waterproof to avoid leaks and often comes in fun prints. Throw a few pairs of these into a mini wet bag and you have a cute gift.

Help the environment, share your love of cloth diapers, and give the perfect gift with these ideas.

Let me know in the comments if you decide to try any of these! Or tag me on Instagram so I see your gifts @clothdiaperblog

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